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A Few Notes Pertaining to Jaw Pain

How is the health of your jaw? Are you aware of all the complex parts and pieces including connective tissues, ligaments, bone, and tendons that are involved with the proper function of your jaw? Sadly, if one part of your jaw is damaged, it can easily wreak havoc on the rest of your jaw and face.

Numerous causes exist for jaw pain. If you are suffering from an issue with your jaw, including pain around your ear, pain when biting, headaches, or jaw tenderness, it may be due to jaw pain from underlying ailments. With the help of a dentist, they can conduct an oral exam and use an x-ray to determine your exact cause of the pain. Oral health issues such as toothaches, bruxism, periodontal disease, or TMJ disorders can cause jaw pain. In addition, sinus problems, oral accidents or injuries, and arthritis can all lead to jaw pain.

In order to successfully treat your jaw pain, it is important to determine what the cause of your pain is. Once a dentist determines the cause of your jaw pain, various treatments can be enacted. This includes the use of medications for relaxing muscles, providing antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs, and administering treatments to help you de-stress. Furthermore, mouth protectors and exercise treatment plans can help rebuild and repair your jaw or diminish your jaw pain. If an underlying ailment is responsible, root canal therapies, tooth extractions, and gum disease treatments may be required.

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