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Are You at Risk for Sleep Apnea?

Do you have trouble sleeping at night? Do you breathe irregularly in your sleep? If so, you may have a sleeping disorder known as sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is common and can affect anyone, but some factors may place you at higher risk of developing the disorder.

1. Physical condition

Your body type and health affect the efficiency of your airway and can lead to sleep apnea. If you’re overweight, the fat deposits in your upper body can obstruct your airway. Likewise, if you have a thicker neck, your airway is narrower.

2. Age and gender

Men are twice as likely to develop sleep apnea as women, though women’s risk increases after menopause. Sleep apnea is also a more common problem for older people, whose bodies have undergone physical change.

3. Genetics

Sleep apnea is an inheritable condition. If you have a history of sleep apnea within your family, it wouldn’t hurt to begin researching symptoms and treatment in case you develop the disorder yourself.

4. Lifestyle

As with most medical conditions, a healthy lifestyle lessens your risk. If you have a habit of smoking or drinking, or you use muscle relaxers for other conditions, you are increasing your risk of developing sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea is not something you have to buckle down and suffer through. There are treatments available. Contact Dr. Farshid Ariz and Dr. Shadad Arami at [phone] to learn more information, or visit [practice_name] in [city], [state] to receive an assessment of your risk level.

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