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One of the more complex joints of the body is the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). It acts as the hinge connecting your upper and lower jaws. This functions as the tool in moving your jaw when speaking, chewing, and even yawning, and when you have TMD (temporomandibular joint disorder), you are most likely experiencing discomfort and pain. When this happens, seek treatment at [practice_name] here in [city], [state], and our dental team will help you get back to normal without pain whenever you eat or talk to people.

If you don’t know what TMJ consists of, symptoms include:

– You experience pain or pressure behind the eyes
– You have earaches/headaches
– You feel or hear popping or clicking
– When yawning, chewing, or even speaking, you have pain
– You have tender jaw muscles during activities
– Your jaw collapses easily or locks up unexpectedly
– You have misaligned teeth

To get the best treatment and relieve you of pain, contact our professionals, and follow these steps if you are experiencing those listed symptoms:

– Take prescribed medication from your dentist/doctor
– Reduce the clenching/grinding of your teeth by wearing a fitted mouth guard
– Use relaxation techniques as a stress-reliever

Give [practice_name] a call at [phone] to get an appointment or consultation with our clinic here in [city], [state]. If you want more information on how to treat your TMJ disorder, feel free to contact Dr. [doctor_name] and our professionals. We are ready and excited to help you and your smile get back to its best shape today!

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