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Oral Health Wonders: Jaw and Facial Pain Treatments and Prevention

Oral Health Wonders: Jaw and Facial Pain Treatments and Prevention

For help improving your oral health, assess all risk factors to your life and determine the cause of any issues that may arise. If you’re showing any symptoms of jaw and facial pain, you’ll want to visit your dentist for an x-ray consultation and thorough exam to determine the underlying issues associated with your discomfort.

Make sure that any symptoms of jaw and facial pain are assessed immediately, so treatment can begin. Common symptoms associated with jaw and facial pain include the following:

– issues associated with sinus and allergies flare-ups
– infections in your mouth
– bruxism, also known as tooth grinding
– gum disease, including gingivitis
– TMJ disorders
– toothaches
– arthritis
– bad habits from chewing on inedible products
– biting your nails
– oral accidents or injuries

If you have suffered from jaw and facial pain, various treatments can be used, including the following:

– jaw strengthening exercises
– muscle relaxants
– root canal therapy
– treatments associated with periodontal care
– tooth extractions and surgery
– mouth guards and mouth protectors
– anti-inflammatory drugs
– antibiotics
– night guards and bite plates

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