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Treatment Options for TMJ Disorder

Did you know your temporomandibular joints are one of the most complex joints in the human body located on in your jaw on each side of your face? Well, it’s true! Your temporomandibular joint, also known as TMJ’s, help you talk and eat so that you can chew your foods efficiently. At times, your TMJ can become inflamed or sore causing pain in your jaw or severe headaches. That is why treating it correctly can be useful at minimizing your pain.

To help you with your TMJ’s, your dentists, Dr. Farshid Ariz and Dr. Shadad Arami with [practice_name] in [city], [state], are happy to provide you with these tips to treating your TMJ disorders:

– If you are suffering from bruxism, which is a condition in which you grind or gnash your teeth, you may be at an increased risk for a TMJ disorder.

– Jaw exercises, eating softer foods in conjunction with a healthy diet, meditative techniques such as listening to calming music or practicing yoga as well as the application of a night guard or bite plate are all helpful treatments for TMJ disorders.

– If you are suffering from pain linked to a TMJ disorder, try using a heat pack. If you are suffering from inflammation due to a TMJ disorder, try using an ice pack.

– Several other oral health risks for TMJ disorders include arthritis, dislocations, bad habits such as chewing gum or biting on your nails as well as misalignments with your teeth and jaw.

If you are still needed help with your TMJ’s, or if you would like to talk to a specialist about your situation, please call us today at [phone] to make an appointment. Our friendly team is happy to assist you with your TMJ and give you medical advice for your particular needs.         

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