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Why Are TMJs Necessary?

If your TMJs are broken, your entire mouth will suffer. TMJs are necessary to ensure you can speak, eat, and chew correctly. TMJs, also known as temporomandibular joints, are ball-and-socket joints found within your jaw that are responsible for the wide range of motion your jaw enjoys. Without them, even simple tasks such as opening your mouth would be impossible.

When suffering from a TMJ disorder, your jaw may be difficult to open and may make irregular popping noises. In addition, you will feel pain in your jaw as well as in and around your ears, and even more so when you try to speak, chew, or yawn. To help combat a TMJ disorder, it is important to rest your jaw as much as possible.

Resting your jaw includes using ice packs for inflammation and swelling, and heat packs for severe pain. Meditative techniques have been proven to be beneficial for your smile, so use them whenever possible. This includes calming therapies such as music, yoga, and biofeedback. Also, avoid eating tough or chewy foods such as steak as it will often only make the condition worse.

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