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Study Shows Most Insomniacs Also Have Sleep Apnea

Sleep disorders are complex conditions that can be extremely difficult to diagnose and, at times, even harder to treat. But now a new study has shed some interesting light on insomnia and its connection to sleep apnea.

The study, discussed below, specifically examines who sleep apnea treatment was able to help some insomnia sufferers improve their quality of sleep.

How Common Is Sleep Apnea in Insomnia Patients?

This study, published by The Lancet’s eClinicalMedicine, focuses on what it calls “complex insomnia,” in which patients have symptoms of both insomnia and obstructive sleep apnea.

The researchers studied population of 40 insomnia patients who had no definitive symptoms of sleep apnea, but could not find a successful way to treat their insomnia for an average of ten years. However, when these patients were tested for sleep apnea, all 40 showed they had the condition.

CPAP Failed as Treatment

Once researchers randomly assigned the participants to different treatment modes: 21 to continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) and 19 to adaptive servo-ventillation (ASV–a kind of “smart” CPAP).

CPAP only helped 24% of patients see improvement in their sleep quality. ASV did better, helping more than two-thirds of patients (68%).

Still, this means that many people who get this type of treatment fail to see the promised benefit

Other alternative treatment options, such as an oral appliance approach offered here at TMJ Sleep Centre, can help people find an a solution that can finally really help them.

If you think that you or a loved one may suffer from this sleep disorder, please call to schedule a visit to TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre of San Fernando Valley so that you can receive the appropriate treatment for your sleep apnea symptoms.

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